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In 2007, with great enthusiasm and love for wood, we founded the company Sponec Ltd. Our professional training and our passion for work were the good foundation on which we built our business.

During all these years, in contact with colleagues and customers, through international exhibitions and in an inseparable relationship with traditions and nature, we have developed and launched on the market a product born from our pursuit of perfection in the living environment.

Our activity is focused on the manufacture of various types of wooden constructions and, in particular, on the construction of low-energy wooden houses.

We offer products of excellent quality, combining in themselves ecological materials, a high degree of functionality and energy efficiency and last but not least – aesthetic workmanship.

We can confidently say that we are among the best in the construction of wooden houses and low-energy houses, with extensive experience in this field.
Our projects are managed by highly qualified professionals with extensive experience in wood construction and construction of wooden structures.

We pay attention to every single detail, as part of something big, because we know that what sets us apart from the rest is exactly the precision of making every single assembly and element.

Because one of the most important things for us is the satisfaction of a job well done.

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