Basic construction

We offer only quality products and materials that affect the external and internal appearance of a finished house. We build our wooden houses as we would live in them with our families – safe, comfortable and cozy. The basic construction of our buildings includes: the load-bearing structure made of wood, interior walls and thermal insulation with ECOPANELS, roof systems, exterior cladding and windows with different types of joinery.


Wooden Material

The main factor for the stability and security of a house is its load-bearing structure.

Therefore, we build the load-bearing structure of our houses from solid, coniferous material – single-layer, two-layer, three-layer or multi-layer glued beams, KVH, DUO, TRIO, BSH, characterized by very good dimensional stability and excellent mechanical properties.

The beams are pre-dried and this makes them a superior building material.


What we are most proud of, and what is a distinctive feature of the houses we build, is that their exterior walls are made entirely of insulating materials.

First of all, these are the ECOPANELS. This material is the basis of our technology, combining in itself the qualities of both a structural plate and insulation. The Ecopanel is a 100% natural product created from straw and recycled paper, with excellent sound and thermal insulation properties.
We add STEIKO Protect wood fiber board to the facade, which, in addition to very good water-repellent properties, also has excellent thermal insulation and diffusion qualities.

To all this we add NATURIZOL linen wool placed in the space between the structure. At your request, the linen wool can be replaced with KNAUF’s ECOSE® Technology mineral wool, which is the more economical option.

In combination, all these elements make the perfect choice for an nature-friendly home.


The main element in our constructions are ECOPANELS made of straw. We also use KNAUF plasterboard and gypsum fiber, AQUAPANEL and EGGER OSB3 boards. With them, we create cozy straw houses and eco wooden houses in compliance with all requirements.

These are materials with proven best quality on the market.


Dyrven Pokriv

One of the most important and yet most vulnerable element of a building is the roof.

The correct and competent construction of the roof guarantees a long operation of the house. Therefore, we approach this part of construction with particular attention, choosing the best roofing systems.

Bearing in mind the large temperature amplitudes throughout the year and the need for better ventilation of the roof, in view of the climatic conditions in Bulgaria, we recommend a roof with a ceramic coating.

We at SPONEC have chosen to work with TONDACH products.

покрив конструкция
покривна конструкция


For non-ventilated facades, we use plasters with high vapour permeability, done in your preferred colour. The plasters are placed on PAVATEX wood fiber board, specially designed for this type of facades.

For ventilated facades, we use solid wood profiles – spruce, larch and thermowood. This type of facade has many advantages, both from an insulating and aesthetic point of view. Mounted on a wooden grating, the facade helps to protect the building from atmospheric influences, maintain temperature comfort and quickly remove water vapour from the wall.



Just like the roof, the windows are a very important part of the house. Therefore, we pay special attention to this element and make sure that they are made of quality profiles, properly designed, with reliable fittings and good glazing.

This is where a house has the greatest heat losses. Therefore, in the base price of our houses, we have opted for PVC profiles, in colours corresponding to the respective house model.

We also offer the possibility of placing the more weather-resistant aluminium profiles, with an interrupted thermal bridge.
And last but not least – we offer wooden joinery, the qualities of which are indisputable.

Taking into account the climatic features of Bulgaria, for the glazing of our houses we recommend triple glazing, and, of course, the customer is to make the final choice.


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