Materials and Services for building houses

The most important element for building a safe, comfortable and cozy home is quality materials. We provide the best materials for the wooden houses we build. It is important for us that our customers are satisfied with their choice and through our work we convince them that they have made the right decision.

Our desire is to help you choose the most suitable home for you, giving a clear view of the types of materials and the possibilities they offer.

The materials we work with are produced in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria, and have all the necessary quality certificates.

eco panels


The eco panels are made from natural materials – straw, pressed in an environment of high pressure and temperature, without the use of adhesive agents. The module obtained as a result of this treatment is wrapped in recycled paper.

The production technology of eco panels also predetermines their unique operational qualities – natural mechanical strength, high level of thermal insulation, high acoustic insulation.

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wooden construction

Basic construction

We offer only quality products and materials that affect the external and internal appearance of a finished house. We build our wooden houses as we would live in them with our families – safe, comfortable and cozy. The basic construction of our buildings includes: the load-bearing structure made of wood, interior walls and thermal insulation with ECOPANELS, roof systems, external cladding and windows with different types of joinery.

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internal furnishing

Interior furnishing

For us, it is important that the interior furnishings in a house correspond to its spirit and style. We believe that we breathe life into our houses, make them so that they are part of the family and carry its traditions. The interior environment is an invariable part of all this.

We offer interior furnishings including interior design, various types of interior doors, interior wooden staircases, various floor coverings and more.

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wooden panels

Additional services

After the construction of the building, the finishing works follow. We offer a wide range of services covering all the necessary conditions to make the home perfect. This includes the installation of sun shades and external blinds, sanitary ware and bathroom equipment, plumbing, electrical installation, switches, lighting fixtures, sockets, external flooring and coatings.

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