Wooden house in Novi Han, Bulgaria

The wooden house in Novi Han is a modern low-energy building where we applied the ECO 2 technology of building the external walls. This is the first house in Bulgaria built by this technology. The heating is with a tiled stove, which accumulates in itself a significant amount of heat, and radiates into the premises for a long time after the fire is extinguished. Thus, it helps to maintain an even temperature without overheating and cooling of the premises. The heating cost is 2.5 cubic meters of wood per season.

eco house
Basic construction

Our work on the House in Novi Han included the overall work on the rough construction, including plaster in the interior premises. The layout is as follows:

  • First floor: a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom with a toilet and a storage room
  • Second floor: three bedrooms and a bathroom with a toilet
wooden house
Project Information:
  • Total floorage: 140 m2
  • Year of construction: 2015
  • Construction technology of the external walls: ECO 2
  • Heating with a tiled stove
  • Completion stage: up to interior plaster
  • Construction period: 4 months

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wooden house

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eco house

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