Prefabricated house in Troyan, Bulgaria

The prefabricated house in Troyan was built in 2012. It has two floors, and the layout is fully tailored to the client’s requirements. On the first floor there are two bedrooms, a bathroom with a toilet, and a sauna. On the second floor there is a large living room and a balcony.

Prefabricated house
Prefabricated house
passive house
Basic construction and finishing works

The work on the Troyan house included the overall work on the rough construction, the production of facade coating and roofing. There are balconies on both floors, which utilize the outdoor space maximally.

After the basic construction of the building we made the interior, which is entirely made of wood.

wooden house
Project Information:
  • Total floorage: 180 m2
  • Year of construction: 2012
  • Construction period: 90 days from foundations to furnishing
  • 1st floor: two bedrooms, a bathroom with a toilet, a sauna;
  • 2nd floor: a large living room, a balcony.
  • Heating: heat pump

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wooden house

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